The Bag Ladies - World Milk Day

From June 01, 2019 12:00 until June 01, 2019 16:00
Themes: Nutrition
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The Ladies collect milk bags ( the big outside ones) and turn them into sleeping mats to hand out to the needy world wide. The milk bag mats offer to people without bed, an invaluable, durable and washable alternative to sleeping on the often cold and damp ground. Not only can these milk-bag mats provide comfort as a bedding alternative, but have been used by health-care professionals as a make-ready substitute for an operation bed/table where resources are scarce. it takes approximately 400 milk bags to make one adult size mat. We collect the bags, but into strips, tie together the weave or crochet into mats. We donate our mats to Milk Bag Unlimited ( They send them to the homeless in Canada, Syrian refugees in Greece and other countries when natural disasters strikes. The mats are also regularly sent to Burkina Faso, Brazil, Doninica, El Salvador and many other counties. Milk Bags Unlimited also empower the women in the Third World Countries to create many products from floor mats to hand bags with milk bags shipped to them along with tools. The women work, sell and make money to support their families.