World Milk Day Celebration

Date: May 28, 2020
Location: Jerusalem, Israel
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Liron Tamir
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World Milk Day is celebrated June 1. A season of peak milk production, and the same is true in Israel. Since ancient times, this is traditionally a period of celebrating spring, harvest and milk abundance. According to the Jewish calendar, during this period we celebrate the Shavuot holiday. The holiday has religious significance in the Jewish tradition and in Christianity, but it is also an agricultural holiday. In Israel, it has become a tradition to also celebrate Shavuot as the Milk Holiday. This year It is celebrated in May 28-30. During this holiday, it is customary to feast on a dairy meal with an abundance of dairy products. Cheesecake has become a staple dessert on this day. Dairy companies launch special products for the holiday, and retail marketing chains offer specials discounts for dairy products. Many dairy farms are open to visitors on this day. On June 1st, during the World Milk Day activities, the Israel Dairy Board is organizing a seminar for dietitians on Milk Production and Clean Eating. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the seminar will be held as a webinar. The Israel Dairy Board is also organizing a dairy farm tour for Parliament members.