Hong Kong World Milk Day 2018 Family Fun Day

Date: June 24, 2018
Themes: Sustainability
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A full day outdoor family event co-hosted by FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Limited and Hong Kong Women Development Limited with the aim of promoting the importance of balanced nutrition with sufficient dairy intake and regular exercise, especially parent-child outdoor exercise, to Hong Kong families. Activities include: - Attempt to set ‘The Most People Count Participating in World Milk Day Dance in 6 Hours’ World Record - 'DRINK & MOVE' Challenges: There are 5 zones in ‘Drink &Move’ Challenge Zones to experience diversified exercises (run, jump, throw) and learn process from cows feeding to milk making and benefits of important nutrients in milk. All challenge zones have to be participated in family group. Let’s enjoy the fun together! - 'Building Strong Families Together' Carnival: We have prepared dozens of interactive education game booths and creative D.I.Y workshops for you! You can test your fitness in the carnival! It’s open to public and no registration is required. FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) will donate DUTCH LADY® milk beverage according to the burnt calories of all Family Fun Day participants. The Hong Kong Women Development Association ‘Food Action’ (Short-term Food Assistance Service) will benefit from this donation, and all the donation will be arranged to help the needy.