Drink Milk Today & Every Day - Bareilly

Date: May 29, 2019

Location: Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Dr Mahesh chander


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Traditionally Indians especially in family farms/rural areas used to boil milk in big pans and consume milk and milk products in various forms- fresh milk, ghee, buttermilk, curd and a variety of sweets. Over the years, drinking milk has declined particularly among children. We wish to revive healthy milk drinking among children. So we will be organizing several activities during May till June 1 to promote milk drinking especially among children and women. We will be organizing visits of students to dairy farms of progressive dairy farmers and organize rallies in villages to raise awareness about drinking milk for good health, while distributing leaflets on safe and hygienic milk consumption. The mega event with a theme DRINK MILK TODAY & EVERYDAY will take place on 1st June at our campus-ICAR- Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar (Uttar Pradesh), India. We will be boiling milk in huge milk pans and hot milk will be served in earthen pots to children, women and other participating men & women. It will be followed by a poster making competition for children on importance of milk in human life culminating in a motivational lecture on importance of milk consumption.