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From May 28, 2023 19:00 until June 02, 2023 18:59

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Posted by Stefanie Hyde

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The world's population is growing and, hence, the challenge for the global food and beverage industry to meet the growing demand for safe and high-quality products. The agri-food industry has set itself ambitious sustainability targets. The efficient use of feed, comparative analysis of animal data or counting animals, for example when loading and unloading a transport are only some of the tasks a farmer has to deal with on a daily basis. The trend towards responsible, environmentally sound agriculture also enables livestock farmers to position themselves more sustainably, for example by processing excreta into fertiliser or even biogas. The more transparent the data on each individual animal, the more efficiently and profitably will a farmer be able to manage their herd. ifm celebrates world milk day globally: From the sensor to the infrastructure and the IT level, ifm offers all necessary components: camera solutions support fully automatic detection of animals and a gentle milking process. Temperature sensors ensure an ideal, animal-friendly climate. The feed requirement can also be controlled via automation technology, so that the animals' needs will be optimally met. In the downstream processing of biogas and slurry, sensors for the detection of flow rates, pressure and temperature play a crucial role in maximizing energy recovery and minimizing CO2 emissions.

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