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#EnjoyDairy: A worldwide rally is taking place 29-31 May leading up to #WorldMilkDay. Learn how you can participate here.

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Farm Fresh Milk

Date: June 01, 2019

We will celebrate World Milk Day on June 1 at our Dairy Farm along with our Customers, farmers and dedicated Dairy and Agribusiness team to cherish the efforts of Milk Producers who work hard throughout the year to produce a Beverage so tasty and nutritious and very essential for a largely vegetarian Country India. The Visitors would be taken to Maize Fodder Plots, Feed Unit, Milking Area and Dairy Shed to give them the view inside the life of a Dairy Farmer/ Milk Producer. The dairy trip will be followed by all the visitors having a glass of super tasty farm fresh Milk Shakes- Banana/ Mango/Zapota accompanied by insightful presentation on the need to support local dairy farmers and the importance of having high quality farm fresh milk daily.