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World Milk Day Netherlands

Date: June 01, 2022
Posted by Guest
AKROH Industries
Themes: Nutrition
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Worldmilkday!   Did you know that dairy is essential for a good health? It contains protein, calcium B2 and B12. It contains all the nutrients for a strong body.   India and the United states are the biggest suppliers of milk worldwide. Followed by Pakistan, Russia and China. There are approximately 270 million dairy cows worldwide, which is a lot!   The milk production starts when the cow is having her calf. Newborn calves are really vulnerable and don’t have the immunity for diseases. This is the reason why it’s important to give the calves extra nutrition. AKROH knows how important it is to give the calf what it needs to be strong and less vulnerable. This is why AKROH developed the perfect calf feeding bucket. To provide the calves with all the nutrients they need. The calf feeding bucket is customizable and available in different colors.