Nourishing the Future

From May 29, 2022 06:31 until June 30, 2022 08:31

Location: Accra, Ghana

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Arla Foods Limited- Ghana

Themes: Sustainability, Nutrition

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Subject of Sustainability is at the heart Arla Foods. As a company, we believe that the actions we take today will Support A Stronger Planet and Enable Stronger People in the years to come Under Arla's Enabling stronger People initiative, Arla Ghana will leverage WMD to educate Ghana on Dairy nutrition and importance of Milk as food. Nourishing the Future campaign will lead us to teach kids in the deprived Government Basic Schools how milk is produced, and why it is important for them to consume good quality Milk. We target to give up to 15000 kid across the country at least a sachet of Dano milk. Activities for the WMD: WMD durbar of schools in Accra Schools activation in 4 regions Radio Activation Radio storm Corporate Activations Digital Campaign