Campaigns with World Milk Day in Japan, 2023 (J-milk)

From June 01, 2023 00:00 until June 30, 2023 11:41

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Posted by Stefanie Hyde

Themes: Nutrition

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1. Let’s connect with the world on June 1, World Milk Day!

We encourage people to post messages on social medias with both "#WorldMilkDay" and "#EnjoyDairy" to the world.

For more information: (Japanese) 

2. June 1-2, Distribute “Welcome Milk” to visitors to Japan at Narita Airport.

For more information: (English)

3. June 1-30, #Milk Baton Relay 2023; Circle of Thanks connected with Milk.

We encourage people to post messages not only for World Milk Day on June 1, but also for one month of June as “Milk Month”, using social medias such as Twitter and Instagram to post messages, videos, photos of thanks to cows, farmers, and dairy products with our own "#Milk Baton Relay".

For more information: (Japanese) 

4. May 12- June 30, Distribute tools for “Milk Day” and “Milk Month”.

We distribute posters, leaflets, and stickers with the slogan "Love Milk?" and “Saturday Sunday Milk” for “Milk Day” and “Milk Month” free of charge until the end of June.

For more information: (Japanese) 

5. June, Introduction of activities through J-milk official Twitter.

We introduce activities of dairy related people and members of “Smile Project for Milk” for “Milk Month” on the J-milk official Twitter account.

J-milk official Twitter account: (Japanese) 

6. Year-round, “Saturday Sunday Milk” initiative

We promote children to drink milk on weekends and long vacations when school milk is not provided in cooperation with dairy related people, schools, nutritionists, etc.

For more information: (Japanese)

7. Year-round, Animation for milk promotion “Rokuichi-Kun”

J-milk has created an animated video with information about milk, which is available on YouTube. Rokuichi-kun is the main character born on June 1, World Milk Day, and explains information about milk.

For more information: (Japanese)