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World Milk Day Campaigns in Japan, 2024 (J-milk)

From June 01, 2024 00:00 until June 30, 2024 00:00
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Posted by Stefanie Hyde
Themes: Nutrition
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About "Milk Day/Milk Month" in Japan (6/1~ 6/30)

In 2009, J-milk designated June 1 as "Milk Day" in Japan, in line with the intent of the FAO, which advocated "World Milk Day," and also designated the month of June as "Milk Month" in which entire people in Japan’s dairy sector collaborate to communicate the value of milk. Together with members of "Smile Project for Milk" and milk fans, we carry out various activities for "opportunities to express gratitude" in order to celebrate “Milk Day/Milk Month” and promote understanding for the value of milk and dairy products as well as the dairy initiatives.

For more information: (Japanese) 

Other related information:

Project by J-milk and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries "Smile Project for Milk": (Japanese)

Main Activities:

1. June 1-30 - #MilkBatonRelay 2024: Circle of Thanks Connected with Milk
We encourage people in the dairy sector and milk fans to share their gratitude using "#MilkBatonRelay" and common messages for social media on "Milk Day/Milk Month" in June. In order to promote understanding for the dairy sector, posting of photos and videos about daily work at dairy farms and dairy factories is also encouraged.

For more information: (Japanese)

2. June 1 - Let’s connect with the world on June 1, "World Milk Day"!
We encourage people to post messages on social media with both "#WorldMilkDay" and "#EnjoyDairy" to the world, along with the above promotion.

3. June 1-30 - Distribute tools and contents for "Milk Day/Milk Month"
We distribute free educational tools and content that can be used for events and information dissemination conducted by dairy related people during “Milk Month”. These include:

 "Love Milk?"
(Logos, posters, banners, sound logos, movies, leaflets)

We distribute various tools of "Love Milk?" developed for "Milk Day/Milk Month". Themes to appeal are "Drinking milk within 30 minutes after exercise to prevent heatstroke" and "Dairy Washoku (New Washoku) , which can reduce salt intake and help prevent high blood pressure", and also, for increasing empathy for dairy industry, "Characteristics of the milk supply chain" and "Symbiosis with animals (dairy cows)."

For more information: (Japanese) 


 "Saturday and Sunday milk ~ Drink milk at home on weekends without school lunch ~"
(Logos, posters, leaflets & stickers, event tools)

We distribute educational tools for "Saturday and Sunday Milk," which promotes efforts to make drinking habits at home even on days without school lunches.

For more information: (Japanese)

Other related information:
Class program "Narikiri Ad Creator":
Event "Saturday and Sunday Milk Festival":
SNS Milk Manga "Weekly Saturday and Sunday Milk":
Saturday and Sunday Milk Recipe:


"Poop Drill ~ Body and Milk ~"

We have made a quiz-style reading booklet to learn about milk and dairy farming in collaboration with "Poop Drill", which is very popular among children in Japan, under the supervision of Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

For more information: (Japanese)

Milk promotion anime "milk loving new employee Rokuichi-kun"


We have created an animated video series with information about milk, which is available on our official YouTube channel. Rokuichi-kun is the main character born on June 1, World Milk Day, and he explains information about milk in an easy-to-understand way. Short videos to a wide range of generations for social media are also available.

For more information: (Japanese)

4. June 1- 30, Introduction of activities through J-milk official SNS
We introduce activities for "Milk Month" by dairy related people and members of "Smile Project for Milk " through J-milk official SNS. We also introduce contents appealing "Love Milk?" and promote participation in the "#MilkBatonRelay" project.

X Official Account: (Japanese)
Instagram Official Account: (Japanese)
Facebook Official Account: (Japanese)