Dairy Summit 2023 - Día Mundial de la Leche

Date: May 31, 2023
Posted by Stefanie Hyde
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Dairy Summit is an event that aims to promote and support the dairy industry in Mexico and Latin America. It is organized by INCALEC (Institute of Meat and Milk of Mexico), a non-profit organization that provides technical assistance, training and research to the dairy sector. Dairy Summit works together with the USDEC (U.S. Dairy Export Council), a trade association that represents the interests of U.S. dairy producers and processors in the global market, and Canilec (National Chamber of the Dairy Industry), a business organization that represents the Mexican dairy industry.

Dairy Summit is part of the campaign of Milk World Day, which is celebrated on June 1st every year. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the nutritional benefits and economic importance of milk and dairy products. The campaign will include articles, recipes and opinions about the relevance of the dairy sector in society, as well as promotional videos for everything. Dairy Summit will also showcase the latest innovations, trends and opportunities in the dairy industry, as well as foster collaboration and exchange among stakeholders.

Dairy Summit is a great opportunity to learn more about the dairy industry and celebrate Milk World Day with experts, professionals and enthusiasts from Mexico and Latin America.