Youth World Milk Day

On this day, we connect, share and spread the word about young people in the global dairy sector, by involving new generations in challenges in the milk and dairy sector and connecting them to the global dairy network. This is to share the perspective of a new generation of professionals in the dairy and milk sector. As well as involving current opinion leaders to identify and tackle challenges together. In addition, Youth World Milk Day promotes the milk and dairy sector to the new generation in a youth-led manner that is related to their lifestyle and regions.

Youth World Milk Day tackles three themes:

  1. Nutrition: what is the added value of dairy in global food security and its nutritional value?
  2. Sustainability: how can we make the dairy sector future-proof?
  3. Succession: who is going to run the dairy farms of the future?

Youth World Milk Day is an initiative by the cooperative I4NATURE and is organised by an international team of young people active in the dairy sector. This team organises, mobilises and promotes Youth World Milk Day to create as much awareness as possible. Countries we are active in: the Netherlands, India, Nigeria, Costa Rica, the USA, Greece, France, Ireland, Brasil, New Zealand and Germany. In addition, we work together with several organisations and platforms to make Youth World Milk Day a success. One of these organisations is IAAS, the international agricultural student association and the World Food Forum.

Celebrate World Milk Day

On the 1st of June, we will host a global online program and several physical festivals around the world, in the Netherlands, India, Nigeria, Costa Rica and New Zealand. More details about these festivals will follow shortly.

Youth World Milk Day – Challenge

Next to this exciting program, we are hosting the Youth World Milk Day - Challenge. With these challenges, we ask young people from all around the world to present their ideas on how the dairy sector can become more sustainable. This can be done by sending videos or pictures of how they made their farm more sustainable or a text or illustration depicting their vision of a sustainable future for the dairy sector.

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