Dano GH Enjoy Dairy Rally

Date: May 28, 2020
Location: Accra, Ghana
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Wilson Agbeko
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There’s no denying the sacrifice of our frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19. The world has applauded their good work. What if we could do more than the applause? What if our admiration could go further into action? On World Milk Day we want to give all followers of Dano Millk GH to join Dano milk to translate our admiration of the frontline workers into like. All ‘likes’ will translate into milk to be donated to our frontliners. A ready-to-post video and sample post corresponding to the theme of the day will be shared on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook channels to rally for like. On 26th an infographic video will be shared outlining the cause this will be followed by the main post on the 28th to rally for like. 24 hours to World Milk Day, all likes from each platform will be published. On World Milk Day, we will move the equivalent amount of Dano Milk from our warehouses to be donated to the Frontline centers like Tema General Hospital, Noguchi and Ridge Hospital.