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TDC World Milk Day 2024

From May 07, 2024 00:00 until May 30, 2024 18:00
Posted by Guest
TDC Holdings Sdn Bhd

TDC Holdings Sdn Bhd is one of the few Muslim Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies in Malaysia. Since its establishment in the year 2016, we are one of the unique MLM companies that successfully combine the beauty of MLM and wholesales concept into the company marketing. Our health products that are milk based are C2Joy and Colever.

Our focus is to boost the World Milk Day celebration with several activities. We are organizing a short video contest and health talk to provide exposure and motivation to people about health and the benefits of drinking milk. For the Video Contest, we are encouraging people to share about the best milk, health & nutrition, and how C2Joy and Colever products help in their economic development and daily life.

Most importantly, our campaign will revolve with theme ‘Milk that Change Your Life’. Besides, we are also inviting speaker from hospital and university to share awareness about health and nutrition relating to the milk consumption.